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Children suffering from this disorder remember information much worse, cannot think abstractly, and are emotionally unstable. In adolescents, the presence of ciprofloxacin pills foci negatively affects puberty. Therapy for temporal lobe epilepsy in children is aimed at reducing the frequency of seizures. Small patients are mainly prescribed monotherapy. If it does not bring the desired result, then the doctor selects several drugs that are combined with each other.

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If the disease does not respond well to ciprofloxacin drug therapy, doctors decide on the operation. However, it is worth remembering that speech disorders and other disorders may occur after the intervention.

Epilepsy of the temporal region can be of cipro types, namely: The hippocampal form of the disease accounts for approximately 70-80% of all cases. Attacks can be focal, group, individual. With complex focal seizures, hallucinations can be observed. A person's gaze freezes, and there are many other accompanying signs. The attack lasts up to 2 minutes.

A person's speech, orientation are disturbed, prolonged auditory hallucinations are observed.

The amygdala form is characterized by the fact that the patient has seizures, accompanied by discomfort in the stomach, nausea, autonomic symptoms. A person during a seizure falls into a stupor, looks confused. The lateral form of epilepsy is accompanied by visual and Order cipro online.

Sometimes he can literally fall asleep on the go, which threatens with very dangerous consequences.

The patient's head moves only in one direction.

The opercular form is characterized by the appearance of hallucinations, belching, twitching of the muscles of the face. With this type of disease, memory deteriorates significantly, the level of conflict increases, and the mood becomes unstable. Often, patients are diagnosed with symptomatic temporal lobe epilepsy, which occurs in almost one in four suffering from such a disorder. A similar problem is caused by brain injuries, vascular or other concomitant diseases. It is especially common in children. At the same time, the onset of the course of the disease remains completely unnoticed, as it manifests itself in the form of convulsions or the presence of an isolated aura.

Seizures of temporal lobe epilepsy are divided into 3 main types, namely:

Simple seizures generally occur without disturbing the patient's consciousness and often precede more complex disorders.

Taste and olfactory disturbances are observed, which manifest themselves in the form of sensations of unpleasant tastes and odors. Sometimes there may be chills and arrhythmia. Patients complain of a sense of fear, a distorted perception ofmethods and time. Sometimes there are visual hallucinations. This condition may be temporary or last for several days. Complex seizures occur with a violation of the patient's consciousness and unconscious actions during the attack. Often you can observe constant chewing movements, frequent swallowing, mumbling.

Automatisms are more like conscious movements, which can be quite dangerous. During this period, a person may not understand at all that he is being addressed.

A complex attack lasts about 2 minutes. At the end of it, the patient does not remember what happened.

In addition, he begins to suffer from a severe headache. In some cases, there is a loss of motor activity. Secondary generalized seizures mainly occur with a strong progression of cipro pills. When they occur, the patient loses consciousness and he has convulsions of all muscles. As epilepsy progresses, it leads to complex intellectual and mental disorders. Often, these attacks occur quite spontaneously.

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The secondary causes of temporal lobe epilepsy include the following:

Symptoms of temporal lobe epilepsy can be very different, and they depend largely on the type of seizures. With simple partial seizures, the patient's consciousness is not disturbed at all. Their course may be accompanied by the appearance of an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth, and sometimes patients think that they feel an unpleasant odor. Other signs of temporal lobe epilepsy include: The patient may not recognize his relatives and friends at all, not understand where he is. The state of detachment passes very quickly or lasts for several days.

Sometimes the signs of the course of the disease appear for no reason. Doctors are not always able to identify the factors that provoked neurological disorders.

Complicated seizures mainly occur with loss of consciousness and the occurrence of automatic movements. In some cases, it seems that a person is completely healthy, but by his behavior he can harm himself and other people. He can perceive the situation around him and the events taking place as what happened to him in the past.

At the initial stage of development, the diagnosis of epilepsy is rather difficult because the clinical picture does not have characteristic signs.

In advanced cases, the disease can provoke a change in the psyche, in connection with which a person becomes suspicious, forgetful, aggressive. It is also possible isolation, reduced sociability. The symptoms and treatment of temporal lobe epilepsy depend on many different factors. Modern research methods have made it possible to establish with absolute certainty that the focus of excessive activity of neurons is not always formed in the temporal zone of the brain. Sometimes it gradually overflows from other areas of the brain.

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Recognizing the course of the disease is often quite difficult. Some of its signs are similar to the symptoms of various abnormalities. That is why one questioning of the patient and a thorough history taking is not enough. To clarify the diagnosis is assigned:

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During the operation, the neurosurgeon eliminates the epileptogenic focus and preventsprevents the spread of epileptic impulses. To do this, the doctor performs a temporal lobectomy, and then removes the anterior and mediobasal regions of the temporal region of the brain.

Seizures can recur quite often, which causes many different problems. In this case, the person may lose consciousness. The patient needs urgent help, because during an attack, serious disorders occur in the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, which sometimes leads to the death of the patient.

The prognosis of temporal lobe epilepsy depends on many different factors. This is a disease that is completely impossible to get rid of. Even if seizures do not bother a person for a long time, there is always a risk of their occurrence. They can arise at absolutely any time under the influence of various negative factors.